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Welcome to Harry Wood's website. The blog is probably more interesting than the rest of this site... and the blog isn't very interesting so what does that tell you?

Recent blog posts:

UK passport photos for 39p
I recently had to get some UK passport photos printed for my baby. This has extra fun issues, like getting him to look at the camera, and not having a hand visibly holding him. But even for adult passport photos…  I have a nice camera. It ... read more 03/10/2016 12:37
The new (baby) normal
We had a baby boy! Quite a while ago actually. I announce these things on facebook and twitter these days: He’s a healthy normal baby, but I’m not sure I even remember the “normal” I was referring to in this tweet. Life ... read more 02/26/2016 12:44
Birthing affirmations
I designed some “birthing affirmations” as printable posters. There’s lots of birthing affirmation images on the internet …but here’s some more: SVG, PDF   SVG, PDF   JPEG, PDF   SVG, PDF   SVG, PDF ... read more 11/28/2015 22:29
Missing Maps talk: OSMLondon & Mapping your own neighbourhood
Recently we celebrated one year of “Missing Maps” events. These humanitarian OpenStreetMap mapathon events have been very successful, packing out venues in London every time, with enthusiastic new mappers, who bring their laptops and ... read more 11/22/2015 11:45
Going to be a dad
Big news…. That’s our 11 week scan. My wife’s starting to show a bump, and we’ll be getting a 20 week scan pretty soon, at which point we find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Recently I’ve been doing grown up things ... read more 07/10/2015 16:28

OpenStreetMap diary:

Mapillarising Brazil
For years I've been meaning to try out Mapillary properly, but my phone is broken and can't connect to wifi, so no ... read more 05/15/2016 21:13
School Edit Tracker
The "UK quarterly project" for the start of this year, was about schools. It was pretty popular and quite a few mappers ... read more 04/28/2016 12:46
A missing zoo!
I just got back from a holiday in Brazil. We were over there with the new baby, so we hadn't planned anything too ambitious ... read more 04/11/2016 11:55
OpenStreetMap and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Together
Amazing what some professional video editing can achieve. I had a fairly long waffling chat with Jonathan Cronin, and he's ... read more 11/30/2015 17:43
Hoxton, Brixton, and lots of data entry + Holborn tonight!
Last weekend I decided to ignore all my most pressing todo list items, chill out, and catch up on some mapping (Putting in map ... read more 09/04/2014 19:40