Harry Wood

My Doom II WAD file

Download 'nojer2wad.zip' WAD file. (79kb)

Title: Nojer2's WAD file
Version: 1.00
Date finished: September 1999

I could write a story about how you enter hell's darkest caverns, to take on satan's minions, but frankly I can't be arsed     ....hell I can't even be arsed to think up an exciting name. It's just a set of 3 maps. I kept them each quite small, so that they're good for 2 player or 3 player deathmatch. I haven't tested that yet. Should be good because the spaces are all nicely interlinked. It definately works well in single player mode.

Really tiny, made for fast and furious deathmatches. In single player mode try finding the secrets otherwise you'll finish it in 5 secs!

Bigger, perhaps too big for 2 player deathmatch, but it's definately a cool level for single player mode, with rocky canyons, and two spooky prison cell blocks.

One large space which is made challenging in single player mode, by the machine gun men. But this map is really designed as a deathmatch arena, with things to collect in really tricky places, so the players dont get too powerful too quickly.

Additional Credits to

I've noticed that every WAD file on the internet has it's own little text file, with it's own little table of facts & figures. I wonder how the hell that came about. It seems very organized for the internet. Anyway I dont want to be the one to brake such a convention, so a text file is included in the zip archive, and the table of facts & figures is repeated here:

Type of DOOM or DOOM II file
New level WAD :Yes
Play Information
Map # :MAP01, MAP02 and MAP03   
Single Player :Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player :Yes
Difficulty Settings :Yes
New Sounds :No
New Music :No
New Graphics :No
Demos Replaced :None
Base :New level from scratch
Build Time :too long
Editor(s) used :WADauthor
Known Bugs :None

How to use WAD files

To use WAD files you must run doom with a "-file" parameter. This is the basic method. In fact it is easier to use a launcher program, but to do that you'll need to download the launcher, and read the documentation that comes with it. So for the basic (though rather crap) method, read on.

So at the MS-DOS command prompt type something like this:
DOOM -file C:\foldername\file.wad
The 'C:\foldername\filename.wad' bit must be changed to the correct path pointing to your wad file, wherever you have placed it. If you just place the wad file in your Doom2 directory, then you can simply put the file name. i.e.:
DOOM -file filename.wad

When running Doom2 from windows 95/98/NT, run MS-DOS prompt and follow the same instructions above, or...

create a shortcut to your 'Doom.exe' file, by dragging the file to a different part of the window using the right mouse button, and selecting 'Create shortcut'

...then open the properties of the shortcut, by highlighting the shortcut file, clicking right mouse button, and choosing 'Properties..'

...then go to the command line text box, by choosing the 'program' tab at the top. The 'Cmd Line' bit needs to be altered

...then position the cursor at the end of the text box, just after the 'DOOM.EXE' bit

...then add the required command line parameter:
-file C:\foldername\file.wad

With the path to your wad file as described above.
Alternatively just add a '?' after the 'DOOM.EXE' this is a sneaky little thing which means that windows prompts you for parameters each time you run it. (You type the -file bit each time you run it)

For more help with creating shortcuts, with parameters and all that kind of thing, look at the windows help file.

Doom Links

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This is the best single-player WAD I've come across. Good variety, good puzzles, and it's complete set of 3 episodes!

Mr Doom

All kinds of Doom stuff here.
Me and my housemates tried and tested a multiplayer wad file called 'mrdoom30', with 30 excellent deathmatch arenas.

Chronix Radio

Since you can listen to music on winamp while playing doom (turn down the volume of the game music). This internet radio station plays appropriate rock/heavy metal. (shoutcast)