Harry Wood

Hi-res Haiti OpenStreetMap maps

The best way to see OpenStreetMap maps of Haiti, is to just browse the map

For printing purposes though you may want an individual image at high resultion (very big).

This image is 6656 x 3584 pixels. 6Mb PNG file covering the cities of Port-au-prince and Carrefour with the plain normal OpenStreetMap Mapnik style.

>> Download haitiplain.png (7 Mb) <<

We've been labelling damaged buildings and impromptu refugee campsites where these are visible within the GeoEye imagery. Browse a special map which shows these at haiti.openstreetmap.nl (also with nice imagery transparency option) That's a custom rendering set up by User:Ldp

This is a high-res 6656 x 3584 pixels image of that map:

>> Download haitidamage.png (15 Mb) <<

(someone else is showing damaged buildings in a dynamic javascripty interface)

Other (larger) images available from GeoFabrik. These are ~15k x 10k pixels covering a larger area

More resources at WikiProject Haiti/Earthquake map resources

My blog post "Haiti Earthquake on OpenStreetMap"


This file list gives the timestamps of the files as they're updated. When it's working my images are getting updated every hour to reflect any changes made by the OpenStreetMap community. You'll also see the perl script (a modified version of Frederick's BigMap tile stitching script) and other files are among those files.