Harry Wood


onlineanimals.co.uk is a domain name which I am currently only using for receiving emails

Online Animals?

I used to be running an experiment in "artificial life" at this domain name. It was quite fun. Hopefully one day I'll get around to resurrecting this.

sp@m email

On a few occasions sp@mmers decided to use this domain name in the 'from' field in the all the sp@m emails they are sending. If you received junk mail which appears to come from onlineanimals.co.uk please note that the email is not from onlineanimals.co.uk As anybody who is investigating this kind of thing should know, the 'from' field of an email doesn't really mean anything, as it is trivial for a bad person to set this field to anything they like, and they will do this to use spoof values, designed to throw people off the scent, get past filters, and make sp@m look more legitimate.

I repeat. The email is not from onlineanimals.co.uk I am not running an open relaying mail server or anything like that, so I am not unwittingly allowing sp@m to come from this domain name. No really... the sp@m is not coming from, or going anywhere near a server associated with this domain name. It's just a value in a 'from' field.

This was quite an irritating problem for me, because the from field also causes some (badly configured) mail servers to send bounce emails back to me, so now my inbox was being bombarded with bounce emails. It also might mean my domain name got blacklisted (or at least baysian filtered out) all over the place. I couldn't really think of any action I could take, beyond leaving this message here. There's jack all I could do about it. It seems like I've been "joe jobbed". Happily it seems the sp@mmers moved on after a few weeks.