Repton 3

Detailed game instructions

Have you read the basics? Read them first.

Diamonds: To collect a diamond, walk into it. You must collect all diamonds to complete the level.

Time Capsules: Collect time capsules to give you more time. Note that you do not have to collect time capsules to complete the level, in fact often it is a bad idea to collect time capsules (a trap!)

Crowns: Collect the crown to complete the level. There's nothing very special about the crown, it just looks like its very special, so... well... enjoy collecting it.

Soil: Collect soil if you are a tidy person. It does nothing. It just sits there. Rather like soil in real life.

Rocks: Rocks are the basis of most of repton's puzzles. They fall downwards, unless supported by something. You can support rocks on your head. Rocks will slide sideways off round objects. You'll have to learn which objects are round, and which objects are flat (i.e. rocks stay on top of them). A diamond is an example of a 'round' object, because rocks will slide sidways off diamonds, if they're given a chance. Soil is a flat object. This means a rock will sit on it, and will behave itself.
You can push a rock sideways, if there is nothing behind it. You can't push a row of rocks sideways, only a single rock.

Eggs: Eggs behave similarly to rocks. However, when an egg is dropped, it will crack, and a monster will hatch!

Monsters: Monsters will try to move towards you. You will die if a monster gets you. You can hide behind other objects to avoid monsters. You can kill monsters by pushing or dropping rocks on them. All eggs must be cracked, and monsters killed, to complete the level.

Spirits: Spirits will kill you if they fly into you. They follow the edges of walls or other objects, and so you will normally see them moving in a circular motion. Direct the spirit into a cage, to reveal a diamond. All spirits must be caged, to complete the level. Simple spirit puzzles involve collecting a diamond from infront of a cage, so that a spirit can then go into the cage. Others are more difficult, and involve positioning of rocks, so that the spirit goes into a cage.

Skulls: Skulls will kill you. Do not walk into skulls. They are bad. Skulls do not fall like rocks do. They just sit there and look evil.

Fungus: Fungus is also bad. It will slowly grow into any neighbouring spaces. You will die if you walk into fungus. You will die if fungus grows on you. A monster will die if fungus grows on it. You will have to start again if you allow fungus to grow around a diamond for example. You should try to avoid releasing fungus, and you should try to contain it if possible.

Keys: Collect a key to unlock all the safes on the level. You only need to collect one key. Collecting extra keys has no effect.

Safes: If a level has safes, you need to collect a key. When a safe is unlocked it reveals a diamond. Note that when a safe is unlocked it becomes a 'round' object whereas previously it was flat, hence collecting a key can result in rocks falling from on top of safes throughout the level.

Teleporters: Teleporters will take you to another part of the level. To use a teleporter walk into it. Teleports will disappear after being used once. You do not have to use all teleporters. You will die if you teleport inside another object. There is no way of discovering the destination of a teleport apart from by using it!

There are 8 levels in total. All eight levels can be completed without dying once! When you complete the game, make a note of the proof code. If you find the game too difficult, I am going to release an even easier levelset at some point, in the meantime, try creating your own maps using the level editor