Repton 3

Main menu

When you run Repton 3, the default level set is loaded, and you're ready to play! But there are other options.
The main menu has the buttons:

click PLAY to play Repton 3. If you've never played before, click PLAY now, and have a go! And read the next 2 sections for instructions on playing the game.

click PASSWORD to enter a password. You can enter a password in order to skip levels, and carry on where you left off, from a previous game. Passwords are not case sensitive. All you need to do is remember the password each time you get to a new level.

click LOAD to load a different levelset. You can load your own levelsets, or levelsets that you've downloaded.

Game keys

up :
down >
left Z
right X

Display Status Enter
Display Map M
Die once Esc
Die totally Shift+R

Quick game instructions

Repton 3 is a puzzle game. To complete each level, you must:

  1. Collect all diamonds
  2. Collect the crown
  3. Unlock safes
  4. Kill all monsters
  5. Cage all spirits
  6. Defuse the timebomb to finish

Use your the map screen (M) and status screen (Enter) to see how you are progressing.

You begin with 3 lives.

A Level may become impossible. For example, a diamond may be blocked off by rocks. This means you screwed up. Hit 'Esc' to lose your remaining lives (or Shift+R to kill yourself in style) and then start all over again. You may have to do this several times before you complete the game [[understatement]]