Repton 3

Installing Repton 3

There is no installation procedure, just unzip the zip file and run it! Here's the details:


To run Repton3, you need windows. It definately works on win95/98/NT/2000/MX. Aparently it wont work in the old windows 3.x. I don't think linux wine can run it

It requires jack all memory & processor power


If you haven't already done so, download ''

You need the unzipping program called 'Winzip' (download from or 'Pkunzip', in order to unzip the ''
Use winzip to open ''.
Click 'Extract' and specify a folder such as 'C:\Games\Repton3\'
Also make sure the option 'Use folder names' is ticked

Running it!

Double click Repton3.exe to run the game!

Other Installation Notes

It should run OK wherever you put the files, but you must have write access, if you wish to save your own levelsets. Windows should find the files VBRRUN300.DLL, and GRID.VBX, when you run 'Repton3.exe'. If not, try putting these 2 files into your Windows/System folder.

On all the latest windows versions you can create a start menu shortcut to repton by simply dragging the repton3.exe icon onto the start menu (keep holding the mouse button down and drop it where you want it)

Windows 95 users can create a shortcut on your Start menu (win95/NT), by clicking Right mouse button on Start menu, then choosing the 'Explore' option. Browse your start menu short cuts (and move them around into folders and stuff). Drag repton.exe into the programs folder, to create a new start menu shortcut.

Rename it to whatever you like. Put it in a games folder to be tidy. Look up 'shortcuts' in the windows help file, if you get stuck.

See troubleshooting section if you are troubled