Repton 3

The Repton 3 level editor

You can use the level editor to create your own levelsets!

To enter the editor, choose EDIT on the main menu.
Repton 3 uses Repton LevelSet files to store all the level maps for the game. The normal game is stored in a file called 'Main.rls'. When you first enter the editor, 'Main.rls' is loaded. This is locked levelset, so you cannot edit it unless you know the password, and you dont know the password do you?, so click 'Cancel' and then say 'No' dont exit the editor. Now you have a new levelset, just for you!

You will not understand the editor, unless you have used the map while playing the game (press M to view the map during the game) So, to design your very own level, you must position the blocks (such as walls, rocks and diamonds) that make up your level map.
First you must choose which block you are placing. Click on the panel on the right hand side, to select a block. Start with diamonds. Now click on the map (the big black bit of the editor screen), and diamond is placed! Place lots of diamonds by holding down the mouse button, as you move the pointer across the map. Now try some walls.

To test your level design, go to the 'File' menu and choose 'Exit Editor'. Now on the main menu, when you click 'PLAY' you can play your new level! Press M to view the map, if you dont recognise it. You will start in the bottom left hand corner, because you have not placed a start point. Try completing the 1st level. You will see that level 2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 are all blank! Hit Shift+R to kill yourself, then choose 'EDIT' from the main menu, to return to the editor. Notice that you can test your level design without saving it!

Now you can design your own level. However not all blocks are as straightforward as diamonds, walls and rocks.
You can use a start point block to set the start point (where you start off on the map, when you play) The start point block looks like a little green man. Of course you may only place one start point on a map. Two start points would be silly now wouldn't it? Similarly you may only place one timebomb, and one crown. There is a limit of 4 eggs, 4 spirits, 4 cages, and 4 teleporters. Teleporters are special because you must set a destination for the teleporter. To do this you have to drag the mouse to the destination. So click to place the teleport, and without releasing the mouse button, move the pointer to point exactly at the destination square on the map... then release the mouse button.

Once you've designed a whole level, you need to use the 'map' menu. Choose 'Check' to get a list of things which need to be done on this level. It will tell you if you've forgotten to place any of the necessary blocks. It will also check that you have the same number of spirits as cages.
Choose 'Set time limit' to set a time limit for this level. The time is measured in seconds. The maximum time for a level is 999 seconds.
Choose 'Set password' to give the level a password. The password is revealed when the player begins to play this level.
Choose 'Wipe' to wipe the whole level! You will be asked for confirmation.
When you've created your first level, you will want to begin editing your second level. You switch between different levels in the editor, using the 'Level number' on the 'map' menu.
You may find you want to rearrange the levels, to make the first level the easiest. The 'Copy' option on the 'map' menu allows you to do this. You can copy the current map, to overwrite one of the other 7 maps. Take care not to overwrite your level designs though! You are advised to save your levelset before using the 'copy' option.

Although you can play your level designs without saving, you will want to save your level designs to a repton levelset file (.RLS) You can do this with the 'File' menu
Choose 'Save as..', and then think of a file name. The file will be created within the 'Repton3/LevelSet' folder
Having given it a filename, you can now use the 'Save' option on the 'File' menu, to save changes to the same file (without having to reenter the filename)
The 'New' option will create a blank levelset, like the one you started with (not without confirming of course)
The 'open' option will then let you retrieve a saved levelset. You can use this, if you make a mistake (e.g. wipe a level by mistake) and you want to reload from your previously saved levelset. When you choose 'Load' from the main Repton 3 menu, you get the same effect. But the 'Load' option will give you a list of available levelsets too.

If you try to open 'Main', it will say that the levelset is locked, and ask you for a password. This means that you cannot cheat, by looking at the level passwords, or changing the maps. Also the levelset file's internal format is encrypted, so that the passwords dont show up within the file.
You can lock your own levelsets using the 'Lock' option on the 'File' menu. You only use this feature, if you have made a complete levelset, and you want to let others play on it, and you want to prevent them from cheating. You will be asked for a lock password. You MUST remember this password, or you will be unable to edit the levelset yourself! (not without contacting me anyway)
The 'Proof code' option on the 'File' menu will give you the proof code of your finised levelset. The proof code is altered every time you make a change to your levelset. You must save the levelset, then reload it, to regenerate the proof code. When friends plays your locked levelset, they can prove to you that they have completed it by telling you the proof code (which you can check using this menu option) But remember, the proof code changes every time you alter the levels in the level editor.

If you want to challenge other people to solve your level designs, you should certify your levels as possible. To do this you must play the level and complete it without losing any lives! Do this with all your levels. If a level is not certified as possible, then a warning message will appear on the status screen. Try creating a new level. Then, while playing the level, press Enter to view your status.

I'd love to play other people level designs myself, and I hope to release some level designs on my web page, so once you've designed 8 levels, certified them as possible, and locked the levelset, email me with it, and I'll make it available for everyone.