Repton 3


  • I get a message saying 'Overflow'. This is a problem which started cropping up on newer computers. I think I've finally managed to fix it. If you download the latest release it should work. Let me know if it still gives this error. The reason for the error was that I made repton do some speed callibrating, so that the game plays at the same speed on all processors, but on the new faster processors the numbers got too big.

  • I get a message mentioning 'VBrun300.DLL' or 'GRID.VBX':
    These are files which need to be added to your windows/system folder. These two files are in the Repton 3 folder. Try copying them to your windows/system folder. If you dont have the files try reinstalling, or downloading it all again.
    Note that the file 'VBRUN300.DLL' may be hidden. To show the file... go to the filer window. On the 'view' menu choose 'options'. Move across to the 'View' tab (at the top), and choose 'Show all files', say OK. Then choose 'Refresh' from the 'View' menu.

  • The window is too small!
    I made it that way, to be cute, but I was forgetting that on some monitors it'll be really diddy! Sorry. You'll just have to temporarily crank down your windows resolution. Go to start menu, Settings, Control Panel, Display. Then accross to the 'Settings' tab (at the top). Then there's a sliding control for the desktop size. Make it smaller.

  • It's hard to see some of the graphics
    Adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast, so that you can see the dark blue colour of the wall blocks. Also read the one above about window size.

  • I get the message 'Path not found!' or...
  • When I click play, I get a blank map with just a timebomb to my right, and nothing else.
    This happens if it fails to load the default levelset file 'Easy.rls'. The folder 'levelset' should be alongside 'Repton3.exe'. In this folder there should be a file 'Easy.rls'. If not, try reinstalling, or downloading it all again. Note that when you extract the '' file, using WinZip, the 'use folder names' option should be ticked (you must keep the directory structure)

  • It does freaky things when I run it using windows 3.x
    Yeah I know. You need windows 95 or later to run it. Sorry :-)

  • When I save a levelset, then reload it, the levels appear missaligned.
    This means your levelset file is corrupted, so there's some extra bytes, or some missing bytes somewhere. This will occur occasionally if you are using the first release March 1999 A. The bug is fixed in later releases (let me know if it occurs with later releases). Contact me, if you need me to uncurrupt your file.

  • Some of the levels seem to be impossible
    If you are playing the default levelset 'Main.rls', then all the levels ARE possible! You're doing it wrong! When playing other levelsets, you should check if the level is possible, before trying to complete it. Press Enter while you're playing. If there is a WARNING message at the bottom of the screen, then the levelset the levelset has not been certified as possible, by the person who made, and so if you manage to complete you'll be the first person to have done so! (and in fact it's probably not possible) If you find the 'Main' levelset too hard (you will) try loading a different levelset.

  • Other problems
    Report to me