A Bundle of Fun with Google Reader

I had a quick look at Google Reader . A web-based RSS agregator in Google Labs. You can subscribe to feeds, or even ‘bundles’ of feeds. So the first thing I tried was to subscribe to the ‘Fun’ bundle.

At the top of the feed was “Virginia Shootings Leave 33 Dead”. …OK. Interesting idea of “fun”.

Lower down was “Hot blonde gets down and dirty in the office”… So not “fun” in the “suitable for kids” sense of the word then?

Now these were both video feeds coming from youtube, so maybe they are to blame for polluting the feeds with poorly vetted content, but you would’ve thought google would have put something in place, such that the innocent action of signing up for a “fun” bundle would come up with something a little more appropriate!

Maybe I’m just bitter because I didn’t get to watch the videos. I think the local council office I’m in at the moment must have a block on youtube.