Old sofa. Anyone want it?

Does anyone (who is able to collect it from London N19) want our crappy old sofa?

Update: Due to the power of freecycle, the sofa is no longer available! Someone came round and collected it off me.

old sofa in bits

The good news: Free sofa!

The bad news:

  • We dismantled it. But all the bits are there. It can probably be put back together, and this way it will easily be transported
  • It’s a not a good sofa. It’s a very low-end cheap IKEA sofa.
  • It’s old. The cushions aren’t horribly stained, but they’re not exactly white anymore either.

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I used to post to my blog about various holiday travels. I wont try to catch up on the past two years, but here’s a little post about Strasbourg where my girlfriend and I spent a pleasant long weekend (avoiding jubilee). Some photos mainly. Photos of food mainly. Strasbourg is in the Alsace region of France on the border with germany, which has some great specialities.


I had this in a restaurant in London once where it was described as “Alsacian pizza”, but it’s not a pizza, it’s a “tarte flambée”. Thinner than a pizza with no tomato, but with white creamy sauce.


“Choucroute” is the french word for sauerkraut, but you can also order a full dish named choucroute, which is the pickled cabbage with assorted meats swimming around in it.


This one’s called “Baeckeoffe”, which I hadn’t heard of before, but wikitravel told me to try it, so I did. It’s a hot-pot of pork, spuds and other veg.

In case you thought Strasbourg was all about food…

View from Strasbourg cathedral

This is the view from the top of the cathedral. Lots of steps to climb. A good way to work up an appetite.

Strasbourg Petit France

This is the “petit France” and on the right there is a very nice restaurant with friendly waiters. I’m still talking about food aren’t I?

Tell you what. Here’s a skeleton:

Archealogy museum skeleton

Can’t remember if this one is stone age or bronze aged or iron aged… but it’s old. The archeology museum in Strasbourg talks about how human settlers were in the region going back at least 600,000 years, since before they’d sussed out how to make fire!