Some new repton3 maps

Peter McElwee emailed me saying “Thanks for releasing Repton 3, have lots of fun but the wife isn’t so pleased. Anyway have made two levels of my own, would be great to have your comments”

So you can now download his ‘names.rls’ levelset file.

<sarcasm> Repton3 is a fast moving sector of the games industry. The game was released in 1985 for the BBC micro and electron. I made my repton3 version for windows in 1998, just 14 years later. Gamers the world over set to work proving their puzzle solving prowess by conquering my two levelsets as quickly as they could, and sure enough in 2000 my mate Will succeeded, followed by two more people in 2006 (hot on his heels!) I also made a level editor, knowing that this would send gamers into a frenzy as they they start designing levels and emailing me with files to share. Sure enough in January 2011 Peter sent me this names.rls file, and so I didn’t waste a second to publish this on my website 14 months later.

but seriously </sarcasm> it is actually quite exciting for me to receive some repton3 puzzles from somebody else. Thank you Peter, and massive apologies for failing to do anything with your email for the past 14 months! I sort of forgot about it because repton3 is languishing on my under-used windows machine these days. But actually the real reason was, I wanted to play through your maps myself, and then reply saying they were too easy…  but then I got a bit stuck! I have now played them though. Good fun playing other people’s repton puzzles!