Cloudmade launch event

We had our big Cloudmade launch event on Thursday. All the key people at cloudmade have been very heavily focussed on preparation for this for some time now, and it seemed to pay off. The guys did a great job with slick professional talks getting across our message, that the openstreetmap project is opening up exciting new opportunities for mapping and location-based services, above and beyond anything that google maps could ever offer, and that cloudmade’s products and services help to bring that power to your applications.

They’ll be more product release announcements like this one on the cloudmade blog, over the coming months, which will no doubt generate even more buzz.

My job for the evening was to man a demo station. Answering people’s questions about openstreetmap and cloudmade, with a big plasma screen behind me. This turned out to be really quite fun.

These photos and many more great pictures taken by Christian Petersen at the event. Afterwards we had a little after-show party, which got a bit more messy.

Got home at 4a.m. although that was after an accidental visit to end of the 134 bus route

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