Bloody Valentines Fancy Dress

Flour Fancy DressThere was another amazing fancy dress party round Ana’s house. This time it was on Valentines day, with a bloody valentines theme. I did the old flour-on-the-face trick and put on a suite and bow tie, while Francine dressed in a scraggly wedding dress. Then we both applied fake blood liberally.

Our blood recipe was scarlet food colouring with water and cornflour stirred in to thicken it a little, but then to make it less vibrant pink we added a dash of soy sauce!

It turned out pretty well. We felt compelled to spend some time coming up with a decent effort for fancy dress to try and live up to our robot costumes at last year’s party and awesome 80s look the year before that (you may have seen pics on facebook)

5 thoughts on “Bloody Valentines Fancy Dress

  1. Sounds like you know how to plan a party !!!!
    Fake bloods pretty cheap these days , but sounds like you had a good alternative.

  2. “cheap these days”? hehe… Yes. I’ve noticed the fake blood market prices have been shifting. Back in 2009 the prices were high, and I was forced to use food colouring but now is a good time to buy. I don’t know about you, but I’m stockpiling several barrels of fake blood in my garage at the moment. Prices can only go up.

  3. It seems very different and rare to celebrate the
    Bloody Valentines Fancy Dress as the valentine is suppose to be one of the romantic occasion and to accentuate the same the people mostly like to celebrate the same in a some special atmosphere. Such a fine post it is.

  4. Great concept ! Bloody fancy dress competition at valentine occasion. I will always miss the party. I hope next time, will be there for fake party with fake blood. Really amazing !

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