London Wiki Wednesdays – February 2011

We had another London Wiki Wednesdays this week.

For me a strange kind of circle was completed. Back in October 2009 I blogged about how London Wiki Wednesdays had helped open my eyes to more interesting possibilities for working with fun technology. At the time I’d just quit a more dull/frustrating job, in which I worked as a Tibco consultant. Tibco do big expensive “enterprise” integration software for banks telcos and other big business. Not particularly fun technology. So it was weird to hear Tibco’s name come up in relation to “social media”, as David Terrar talked about their new Tibbr platform.

I gave a talk, and rather enjoyed turning my attention back to wikis and away from OpenStreetMap and all things geo for a change. Rather like OpenStreetMap, which is always delightfully intertwined with “the real world”, I find it quite easy to imagine ways of collaborating on wikis in relation to almost any facet of real life. That’s something I chose to demonstrate with my talk. I wanted to tell a fun little story of dipping into wiki collaborations and as I aimed to learn Portuguese.

It’s a true story. A very short story (good for a 5 minute speaking slot!) and it sort of ends with this discussion here. …so far at least. If you want to be involved in what happens next, join that discussion I guess.

But there’s another thing happening next. I started learning Android app development, and after running through hello world tuturials, and diving into other people’s code at work, I was itching to make my very own Android app. This little vocabulary quiz app is a very fledgling creation at the moment. Only slightly better than a hello world tutorial, but I hope to do some more work on it soon:


…I also hope to find time to actually learn some Portuguese!

There’s a full list of presentations and links to other blogs posts etc related to last Wednesday’s event. They’ll be a london wiki wednesday pub meet-up next month, and hopefully another evening of presentations in April.

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