Chewing stirrers/spoons

You know those crappy little plastic stirring things which are like teaspoons but without the spoon? Well this office here has those. I decided I should take one and re-use it, for stirring many cups of tea, rather than disposing of it. But then I had it on my desk, and so naturally I developed a habit of chewing on it. The stirring things are made of brittle plastic, so every time I get a cup of tea (approx 3 per hour) I get a new stirring thing, I stir my tea, and I then destroy it by chewing on it, and flecks of saliva covered plastic get stuck behind the keys on my keyboard.

…well now all that’s changed. They’ve introduced plastic spoons, which are better than stirrers, not only because they can be used for eating yoghurts, but also because the plastic is less brittle. One spoon can withstand over a week of chewing. I heartily recommend them to any office supplies manager who is contemplating the spoons vs stirrers decision.

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