London Friday Night Skate

Last weekend I roller-bladed 12.5 miles around London in a group of over a hundred people. The friday night skate really is great fun. It’s very well organised. They have ‘marshals’ wearing luminous tops, who keep everyone together, and stop the traffic while everyone zooms past. They have a map of the weekly route, weather cancellation information on the website. The route is always in two halves, the second half being faster, for the better skaters.

You have to be pretty good at roller-blading before you should attempt it, because they go fast and they huddle together in a big herd of inter-tangling legs, but if you are a competent street skater, and you find yourself in London on a Friday, I heartily recommend it!

5 thoughts on “London Friday Night Skate

  1. Hi Harry
    The correct website is the one that you are publishing is owned by a old sponsor and has nothing to do with the skate any more. We have asked them to take it down but I don’t think the company is running any more? If you look on the you will see pics and video from most of the skates and its uptoday. If you also look at the pics of the bike, the new bike (three years old) is red and black.
    If after all this you are still not shore just ask any marshal on the skate (including the Wednesday Night skate what the correct web site is.
    Thanks for posting and happy you enjoyed the skate 🙂

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