Missing everything

I’ve been working abroad for nearly a year now, and it’s come to my attention that I’m missing quite a lot of goings ons. My company has hired new people and people have quit. I got a new housemate, and then she left again. I’m now living with my little brother, except I’m not, because I’m only there about three or four days per month. It’s weird. Most upsetting of all, a year ago I could count the number of single women I knew on one hand. Now at least three of them have paired off with someone.

I’m in fairly regular contact with housemates, workmates, and canoe club mates electronically. And I fly back every now and then. But sometimes it feels like I’m struggling to maintain a tenous connection to my real life. Especially today, after three weeks here. But I’m off to the airport right now, in time for drinks with workmates in London tonight!

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