32nd Birthday

A few years ago I had thought (with some sadness) that I didn’t really know how to get completely drunk any more. I could tolerate quite a lot of beer, and I formed a very grown up and very boring habit of slowing down when I felt myself getting drunk (or full of bubbles). Lately I have an even more boring habit of drinking less often. But on the plus side this has turned me into a total lightweight, so happily on my 32nd birthday party I was able to get utterly sozzled again, just like the old days.

32nd birthday

Thanks to everyone who came along to my birthday BBQ last weekend.

2 thoughts on “32nd Birthday

  1. Hah! I’m so there – after I had kids I stopped going out and drinking, and now I can get completely tanked with three beers.

    Happy Birthday (a bit late)!

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